Humatrope is a man-made form of injectable human growth hormone and was approved in 1987 to help children who are growing slowly because they do not make enough growth hormone on their own. Since then, Humatrope has also been approved for the treatment of several additional growth disorders (idiopathic short stature, Turner syndrome, small for gestational age, SHOX deficiency) and for growth hormone deficiency in adults.


Humatrope is available in cartridges and also in a HumatroPen® injection device and in vials for use with a syringe and needle. Injectable HGH from Humatrope is one of the most popular on the market.

The dosage MUST be based on your age, weight, medical condition and response to treatment.



Humatrope Pen for Linear Growth — Humatrope stimulates linear growth in pediatric patients who lack adequate normal endogenous growth hormone. In vitro, preclinical, and clinical testing have demonstrated that Humatrope is therapeutically equivalent to human growth hormone of pituitary origin and achieves equivalent pharmacokinetic profiles in normal adults.

Humatrope for Tissue Growth — Humatrope stimulates skeletal growth in pediatric patients with growth hormone deficiency. The measurable increase in body length after administration of either Humatrope or human growth hormone of pituitary origin results from an effect on the growth plates of long bones. Concentrations of IGF–1, which may play a role in skeletal growth, are low in the serum of growth hormone–deficient pediatric patients but increase during treatment with Humatrope

Humatrope Pen for Protein Metabolism — Linear growth is facilitated in part by increased cellular protein synthesis. Nitrogen retention, as demonstrated by decreased urinary nitrogen excretion and serum urea nitrogen, follows the initiation of therapy with human growth hormone of pituitary origin. Treatment with Humatrope results in a similar decrease in serum urea nitrogen.

Humatrope for Carbohydrate Metabolism — Pediatric patients with hypopituitarism sometimes experience fasting hypoglycemia that is improved by treatment with Humatrope. Large doses of human growth hormone may impair glucose tolerance. Untreated patients with Turner syndrome have an increased incidence of glucose intolerance.

Humatrope Pen for Lipid Metabolism — In growth hormone–deficient patients, administration of human growth hormone of pituitary origin has resulted in lipid mobilization, reduction in body fat stores, and increased plasma fatty acids.

Humatrope for Mineral Metabolism — Retention of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus is induced by human growth hormone of pituitary origin. Serum concentrations of inorganic phosphate increased in patients with growth hormone deficiency after therapy with Humatrope or human growth hormone of pituitary origin. Serum calcium is not significantly altered in patients treated with either human growth hormone of pituitary origin or Humatrope.

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