How do I take Human Growth Hormone?

You can take it 2 different ways to take Injectable human growth hormone by intramuscular injection or sub-cutaneous injection, however sub-cutaneous is the most common way, injected with an insulin syringe.

What is the difference from taking real injectable Human Growth Hormone or the spray version?

Currently the only HGH Human Growth Hormone that is FDA approved, is the injectable form, but to give you a comparison, one pharmaceutical company claims to have the strongest oral spray available having approximately 2000 nanograms of Human Growth Hormone per spray. In order for the Human Growth Hormone spray to be equivalent to 1iu of the injectable Human Growth Hormone you would need over 160 sprays per day. This therefore could become very expensive for an unproven product.

What Human Growth Hormone do we sell?

We carry Eli Lilly”s Humatrope, Saizen (Somatropin, rDNA Origin) Human Growth Hormone for Injection only, which is the synthetic version from rDNA technology made up of 191 Amino acid residues and is identical to that of the Human Growth Hormone of the pituitary origin. We also carry Norditropin, and Genotropin.

What Is HGH Prescribed For?

Pediatric Children, Aids Wasting, Hypopituitarism, Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, And Currently there are hundreds of physicians prescribing Human Growth Hormone for Anti-Aging programs,although there is still a lot of unanswered questions in regards to the safety of long term usage of Human Growth Hormone.

Is It Legal To Obtain A Prescription Online for Human Growth Hormone?

Yes, as long as the prescription is prescribed by a licensed physician.

How Is The Human Growth Hormone Shipped?

Our HGH is shipped overnight express via courier. It will Take you 24 hours to receive your order once you receive your shipping confirmation email.

Is the Human Growth Hormone Pre-Mixed?

All HGH pens come premixed, all vials are mixed by the end user.

After I receive my Human Growth Hormone Order Does It Have To Be Kept Refrigerated?

Yes, once you receive it by courier, we recommend refrigeration before and after reconstitution, it is recommended that the Human Growth Hormone be kept refrigerated usually between (2°C to 8°C), (36°F to 46°F). Avoid Freezing.

What dosage is recommended for Adult Human Growth Hormone deficient patients?

Human Growth Hormone-deficient adult patients — The recommended dosage at the start of HGH therapy is not more than 0.006 mg/kg/day (0.018 IU/kg/day) given as a daily subcutaneous injection. The dose may be increased according to individual patient requirements to a maximum of 0.0125 mg/kg/day (0.0375IU/kg/day).

What Is The Cost On A Monthly Basis for Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

The cost for HGH Human Growth Hormone Therapy can very from patient to patient depending what the treatment is for. Based on clinical studies the cost is approximately $500 for Human Growth Hormone Therapy Treatment.

Are there any side effects I could experience while receiving Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Yes, the most common side effects reported in Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficient Patients are swelling (often in hands and feet), joint pain, numbness or tingling sensations, pain, muscle pain, back pain, and high blood pressure. Side effects tended to go away or become less noticeable with a decrease in dosage.

The most common side effects reported in Childhood Human Growth Hormone Deficient Patients were flu syndrome, increased concentrations of liver enzymes, headache,swelling, pain, muscle pain, and sore throat. Adult patients diagnosed with HGH deficiency in childhood reported side effects less frequently than patients with Adult Human Growth Hormone Deficiency.

What conditions should I be aware of while I am receiving Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

If you have allergic symptoms while receiving HGH call your doctor immediately. If you have a pre-existing tumor or Human Growth Hormone deficiency due to a brain lesion, you should be examined routinely for progression or recurrence of the underlying disease process while receiving Human Growth Hormone. You should be monitored carefully for any cancerous changes of skin lesions. HGH affects the body's glucose metabolism. If you develop symptoms such as increased urination or thirst, notify your doctor, as these may be symptoms of diabetes or glucose intolerance.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or glucose intolerance prior to starting Human Growth Hormone Therapy, you should be monitored closely. Changes in thyroid hormone concentration may develop during treatment with HGH Human Growth Hormone. You should have thyroid function tests performed periodically .Inadequate treatment of hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland) may prevent optimal response to Human Growth Hormone. If you are receiving any of the following medications: insulin, drugs metabolized by the liver (for example, hydrocortisone or other cortices, sex steroids,anticonvulsants, cyclosporine), or other hormone replacement therapy, the dosages of these medications should be monitored carefully while you are receiving HGH.

It is important to inform your doctor about all medications you are taking. Experience with HGH therapy in elderly patients over the age of 60 is lacking, and experience with HGH prolonged therapy in adults is limited.

How long before I see any results from Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

Given the nature of Human Growth Hormone effects, it is recommended that you give your HGH treatment at least six months to see most of the significant benefits. You will begin to experience some of the internal improvements like improved sleep and mental clarity within the first two months.

Is your HGH FDA approved?

Yes, all of our products, Norditropin, Genotropin, Saizen and Humatrope are FDA approved.

How do I place and order with you?

You can click the contact menu at the top or click the ORDER HGH button. An associate will contact you as soon as possible. But feel free to give us a call too, our operators are standing by.

What is the process to place an order?

1.We will contact you after receiving your information by email.
2.After getting all the information we will complete the payment verification.
3.Once the transaction is completed we will ship your order.
4.You will receive a tracking number shortly after by email.

How is my order shipped?

As long as we have your order before 2pm Eastern Time we will ship it the same day. Your Injectable HGH order is shipped in a very professional packaging with ice packs inside to ensure the ideal temperature. The orders are shipped overnight via FEDEX in a very careful and discreet way.

What is the shipping cost?

There is a fee between $50 USD and $75 USD with FedEx, please note we only use Overnight Delivery and your product will arrive with ice packs to preserve the product. Please also note we do not try to make a profit from freight.

Will you provide needles with my order?

We will provide you with needles or tips free of charge for Norditropin.For our other products please feel free to ask our sales associates.

How long will it take for me to notice results?

You will start noticing results after the first month. The results may vary from one person to another, according to your lifestyle the best results can be noticed after 2-3 months.

What are your business hours?

We will be glad to receive your call from Monday- Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time. You can send us emails at any time.