Dwarfism or in other terms, short stature, growth problems, nanism is a medical disorder in which the person is of abnormal stature. According to the LPA (Little People of America), dwarfism is defined as an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (148 cm) or less. However, height definition may vary.

This condition may be caused by over 200 different medical conditions. One of them includes metabolic and hormonal disorders such as growth hormone deficiency.

Growth Hormone is essential for normal childhood growth. If the pituitary gland doesn’t produce enough growth hormone the deficiency takes place.

To diagnose growth hormone deficiency the doctor will order an insulin tolerance test. This insulin is injected into a vein causing blood glucose levels to drop. If growth hormone levels are lower than normal, it frequently means there’s a growth hormone insufficiency.

The pediatric hormone treatment for children stimulates physical growth. In 2002, NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence), UK recommended somatropin for children who are diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Somatropin can help prevent short stature later on in life if the treatment starts in the adequate time. Treatment involves a daily hgh injection. The patient may gain as much as 10cm in eventual height.

Once the doctor prescribes a child growth hormone therapy, he'll typically need daily doses of growth hormone depending on the severity of the condition. And it might be needed more growth hormone.

It is needed to visit the doctor every 4 to 8 weeks throughout the treatment so that the doctor can monitor the condition and test the progress, also perform blood tests to help determine whether more growth hormone is needed.

Kids who take Injectable HGH typically grow 4 or more inches over the first year of treatment, and over the next 2 years, they can grow 3 or more inches. You can buy injectable HGH here if you have spoken with your doctor and it has been recommended. Until next time, have a great day!