After receiving your HGH product you want to protect your investment first and foremost make sure your injectable HGH is shipped from a supplier that can deliver within 48 hours. Any longer time in transport can jeopardize the HGH, heating up and losing potency.

Once you receive it you want to store it between 34 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit. (This is the temperature of a standard fridge) Make sure to never freeze your injectable HGH.

If you order a pre-mixed pen such as norditropin it is ready to use. You can watch a video of how to use a norditropin pen here. Injecting a Norditropin Pen.

If you order unmixed injectable HGH (like the 4 IU Saizen) we have prepared a video of how to mix it. Mixing injectable HGH. After you have mixed it you take the same precautionary steps to protect the potency of your product.

The stability of the hormone depends also on the brand. Norditropin is the most stable hormone because it can even be out of refrigeration for a couple weeks before its use and up to 21 days after its first use. On the other hand products you have to mix by yourself (like Saizen or Humatrope) are more delicate and sensitive to light and shaking due to the fact that the bacteriostatic water that works as preservative is separated from the hormone. Must travelers go for the pen because of this advantage in storage, but everyone reacts differently to hormone so on your next purchase, make sure to choose the product that best fits your needs and your budget! Until next time, have a great day.