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Smiling Woman - Effects of Injectable HGH on Women

The Decline of HGH Levels in Women

HGH levels in women usually begin to drop in their early 20s. One of the HGH functions is maintaining a healthy weight because middle-aged women tend to gain weight, especially in the hips, stomach, and thighs. This is the result of hormonal changes that start appearing in women as they age. Some of these changes usually happen when menopause reaches women, and progesterone and estrogen levels begin to decrease.

Lowered estrogen levels start to show before menopause and can affect women’s sex life, causing low libido symptoms, hot flashes, and night sweats, which can drain their energy. To ease the physical symptoms that come with menopause, women can look for HGH treatment.

HGH Production and Benefits in Women

An interesting and a strange fact is that women make more Growth Hormone than men. Studies have shown that this is because women produce more estrogen. Researchers have even dosed men with estrogen and observed an increase in their growth hormone levels. Women's mean growth hormone levels rise even more during the menstrual cycle phase when estrogen is highest, which also occurs when women are on birth control pills containing estrogen.

HGH treatment for women can slow down or reverse the signs of aging and can also treat menopause symptoms, in many cases eliminating them for good.

HGH and Menopausal Symptoms

The Journal of the American Medical Association claims that restoring youthful growth hormone levels as menopause starts is one of the most effective methods to ease menopausal symptoms. Other studies have shown that HGH makes the skin of postmenopausal women more youthful and glowing. HGH treatment can also restore bone density damage, helping people avoid heart disease because the heart muscles are stronger.

Estrogen slows down bone breakdown, while HGH fuels the cells that build new bone muscle. HGH is like the master hormone that seeks to balance other hormones in a person’s body.

Learn More About HGH Benefits

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