Difference between Steroids and Injectable HGH

Speaking with many people in the health and fitness field I have noticed there is many misconceptions about the relation of anabolic steroids and Injectable HGH. First and foremost they have nothing to do with each other. Long term steroid use has many negative side affects, this is not the case with HGH. Here is a list of some of the differences.

1. The most important difference is Human Growth Hormone is not addictive while steroids can be.

2. HGH is absorbed into the body easily where steroids are not.

3. Steroids can have irreversible side affects while HGH has very little negative side affects.

4. Steroids only help with muscle growth where Injectable HGH can help with many aspects of your health. Click here for a list of of HGH benefits.

5. Steroids are illegal where HGH is legal with a doctor's prescription.

There are many side effects that you can get from using steroids that can be permanent in your body and that could need a lot of treatment to be controlled after they are developed. Usually for men the abuse of steroids can make them sterile or develop erectile dysfunction problems or even voice change. On the other hand, the biggest side-effects you can get from injectable HGH are carpel tunnel syndrome, water retention or joint pain, but these conditions will stop as soon as you discontinue the use of the product and it will not come back. In these situations we advise you to try a different brand to see if it fits you better.

On a different matter the muscle you gain with steroids goes away as soon as you stop using it, whilst the increase you achieve with HGH stays even if you quit hormone therapy. That’s why the benefits you gain with Human Growth Hormone are long-lasting even if it takes a little longer to achieve.

When I started looking for something to help me feel life again, I researched many things and spoke at length with various doctors. Coming to a decision to start HGH Injections was an easy one after I was well informed. Before you start injecting something into your body I advise you to do the same! Until the next time, have a great day!